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The Tackling Child Exploitation (TCE) Support Programme is a consortium programme, funded by the Department for Education and led by Research in Practice with the University of Bedfordshire’s International Centre and The Children’s Society.

The International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking at the University of Bedfordshire is one of the UK’s leading research centres in the field of child exploitation. It was awarded The Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2013 for its pioneering work on child sexual exploitation (CSE) and continues to develop its specialism in CSE and other forms of sexual abuse, and in participatory approaches to understanding and responding to such forms of harm. In more recent years, the Centre’s work has expanded to include other forms of child exploitation and extra-familial harm, most notably through its Contextual Safeguarding programme of work.

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Research in Practice brings together research and practitioner expertise, building the sector’s capacity for evidence-informed practice. Research in Practice aims to bridge the gaps between research, practice and people’s lived experience to improve practice and ultimately outcomes for children and families. We have been supporting innovation and improvement in the field of safeguarding for several years, with a particular focus on adolescent and transitional safeguarding; this work has included a range of publications, learning events, change projects and direct support to local areas seeking to redesign their approach to young people.

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The Children’s Society is a national charity that runs local projects, helping children and young people. The Children’s Society delivers highly-regarded child exploitation services across the country that work to change the systems and contexts that put children at risk of exploitation, as well as taking the learning from our national practice base and our research to find solutions to the problems, working closely with both national and local government to influence policy development and set out policy solutions.

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Call for Knowledge & Practice

Help us to develop our thinking and grow our evidence base by letting us know about tools, resources and learning that you have either created or used to develop your approach to tackling child exploitation.

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