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Bespoke Support Projects

Bespoke Support Projects are designed to provide some time-limited support to you, as a local area partnership, to review and develop your strategic approach to safeguarding children and young people experiencing child exploitation and extra-familial harm. Support is available (via an application process) to a limited number of partnerships with safeguarding responsibilities, including those that span multiple local areas.

We are currently accepting new applications for bespoke support projects. 

Application forms can be downloaded here. The deadline for applications is Friday 11th September. If you would like an informal conversation ahead of submitting an application please contact our Head of Delivery, Ellie Fairgrieve. A recent blog discusses the bespoke support project applications, you can view this here.

Working with partners over a number of months we create space for you to think and learn collaboratively. Project Leads and Delivery Partners will work with you to co-design a clear plan aligned to locally-identified priorities, including establishing how your local partnership will explore and measure impact. These are small-scale, time-limited, projects of about seven days (more for complex or regional projects), designed to accelerate and add value to your existing efforts.

The types of projects available include: 

  1. Support in developing or reviewing a multi-agency strategy relating to child exploitation and extra-familial harm. Projects will be designed to fit the local area’s context and challenges and will draw upon expertise and experience from other areas’ strategies.
  2. Support to articulate a Theory of Change / logic model underpinning new strategic initiatives. Theory of Change is a structured process that facilitates the articulation of the desired impact and outcomes the local area partnership is working to achieve from a set of activities. Projects will typically draw upon the views of a wide set of stakeholders.
  3. Support to improve the collection and interrogation of local data. Projects will support the local area to collect and use data to produce intelligence about extra-familial harm and exploitation. The data will then be used as intelligence to inform strategy development.
  4. Helping local areas to embed and / or expand new partnership arrangements and strengthen working relationships, using Action Learning Set approaches.
  5. Helping local areas to progress and embed action research skills so they develop a deeper, evidence-informed understanding of local needs and practice.

Bespoke Support Projects work with local partnerships with safeguarding responsibilities for children and young people aged 0-18. But, in doing this, we also recognise the critical importance of the transition to adulthood for those where child exploitation and extra-familial harm is a concern.  Where relevant, Bespoke Support Projects can support you to reflect on links to adult services in your strategic planning.

Each project will generate a Project Learning Report, which will be published on this site to promote and enable cross-sector learning. In the resources section, you will find a wealth of research, tools and approaches that we use to support local partnerships, including those we have developed alongside local partnerships as a result of delivering Bespoke Support Projects.

Applications are currently open

Call for Knowledge & Practice

Help us to develop our thinking and grow our evidence base by letting us know about tools, resources and learning that you have either created or used to develop your approach to tackling child exploitation.

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